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TAAM mouse strains

The TAAM currently maintains and/or distributes 2996 mouse strains, bred or preserved as frozen embryos. These strains, whether natural or induced mutants, are divided into the following categories:

TAAM : bred or frozen strains, which are directly available.

The following strains are available in live animals:

  - Marylin
  - C57BL/6 Rag2 KO
  - C57BL/6 - Ly5-1

To order, please contact :

Alexandre DIET     e-mail
Shipments managers
Tel : 02 38 25 54 41

EMMA : strains bred or frozen at TAAM, made available by the European Community, requiring a prior request to be sent to EMMA.

RESEARCHERS : strains bred or frozen at TAAM. In order to obtain any of these, a request must be made after approval by the researcher who owns the strain, which has been deposited with TAAM

BRG : these are strains which are preserved in their frozen state at TAAM, in the context of a program founded by the French Research Ministry in the framework of the Bureau des Ressources Biologiques (Office of Biological Resources). To obtain any of these, please first contact the researcher who owns the desired mouse strain.