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Ethics and animal welfare

CNRS' policy and directives relating to the ethics of animal experimentation

• These directives are freely accessible at the following web address:

• When animals are used for research activities, their welfare must be taken into account.
Therefore, their support and breeding conditions are always evaluated and defined in the interest of the best possible animal welfare.

• Moreover, each experimental protocol should:
  1) be carried out in an institution certified by the Department's Management of Veterinary Services (Direction des Services Vétérinaires du département),
  2) previously obtain from the Genetic Engineering Commission (Commission de Génie Génétique),
  3) be followed by staff having undergone training certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fishing and Rural Affairs (Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Alimentation, de la Pêche et des Affaires rurales) and allowed by the Department's Management of Veterinary Services to work in an institution,
  4) comply with the 3-R's rule :
    - Replace (animals, if possible through alternative methods)
    - Reduce (the number of animals in protocols)
    - Refine (the protocols in order to reduce the number of animals and possible animal suffering).
  5) take the advice of regional ethical committees into account

• Please note that all of these authorizations and agreements are restricted in time, each animal keeper taking care of the animals and the remaining staff in the institution being committed to comply with the Code of ethics for animal experimentation.