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Sanitary quarantine

This service is offered quasi-exclusively by the TAAM: there are only 2 laboratories in France which offer this to the scientific community. Sanitary quarantine is a strongly recommended step in any procedure involving the importation of mice from an external breeding facility.

The period of sanitary quarantine allows complete health screening of the mice, according to the FELASA recommandations. After this quarantine period and according to the results of health screening, the mice may either be:
  - sent to their destination breeding facility, if their health status is appropriate,
  - undergo rederivation in the opposite case.

Sanitary quarantine: services

The sanitary quarantine is performed in an isolator or in a ventilated carrier cage. It is generally associated with health screening, combined with rederivation, if needed.

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Breeding facilities coordinator
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In charge of Isolators facilities
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