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Cryopréservation, Distribution, Typage et Archivage animal (CDTA)

Services offered by the Cryoconservation Facility

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This facility provides the opportunity to preserve murine strains, in the form of embryos or sperm cooled to -196°C, under optimal conditions (automatic supply of refrigerated nitrogen, continuous electronic monitoring of cryocontainer fill-up, archive duplication).

Currently two cryoconservation techniques are available:

1. Simple cryoconservation:
This service is charged for, and its modes of use are established (with a written quotation) on a "per customer" basis, according to his/her requirements.

2. Cryoconservation in the framework of the EMMA European program:
This service is free of charge, but the depositor - who must be the strain's owner or accredited by the latter - must authorize its distribution. The use of this service within the EMMA framework is subject to particular conditions (see: