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Cryopréservation, Distribution, Typage et Archivage animal (CDTA)

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EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive)
The TAAM is part of the EMMA network which, with six other centres (in Germany, the UK, Italy, Portugal and Sweden) ensures the preservation, genotyping and distribution of mutant and transgenic mouse strains.

Pascal MAUNY     e-mail
In charge of EMMA program
Tel : 02 38 25 54 53

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InfraFrontier - the european infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes


EUMORPHIA (European Union Mouse Research for Public Health and Industrial Applications)

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FIMRe (Federation of International Mouse Resources)

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INCa (French National Cancer Institute)


EUMODIC is a consortium of 18 research institutes from 8 European countries, with expertise in the fields of phenotyping and functional genomics in mice. Its mission is to make murine phenotyping resources available for the study of human diseases. The program plans to implement the systematic phenotyping of 650 mutant strains of mice, which are to be generated within the framework of the EUCOMM consortium.
Phenotyping relates to the main biological functions, and certain strains will later undergo a more accurate phenotyping analysis in secondary phenotyping centres. This program utilizes standardized procedures, which were established within the framework of the EUMORPHIA European program, and all of the collected data will be stored in the Europhenome database.

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Wellcome Trust - The world's largest medical research charity funding research into human and animal health.

A Network of Resource Centres


GIS IBiSA (Scientific Interest Group: Infrastructure for Biology Health Agronomy): manages access to the common service activities of the former CNS (National Sequencing Centre) and CNG (National Genotyping Centre), which have now merged to form the Genomic Institute which is governed by the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission). It coordinates the French national policy for the certification and sponsoring of Life Science Resource Centres and Infrastructures. In this context, the GIS has taken over the role of providing certification and technical personnel support, which was previously assumed by the Inter-Organization Union (RIO), and leads requests for proposals for the provision of new equipment for these resource centres, or to enable them to promote the implementation of new technologies.