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The Transgenesis Institute of Orléans-Villejuif Resource Center provides the scientific community with all the technical facilities indispensable for creating, maintaining, distributing, conserving and analyzing transgenic murine models, either for the study of human diseases, or for fundamental modelling of genetic analysis in physiology, development, immunology, neurobiology, etc...

It is comprised of the following two CNRS units:
  • Service unit TAAM - UPS44
  • Research unit IEM - UMR 6218, University of Orléans.

The Resource Center creates new transgenic models, mainly on the Villejuif site. On its Orléans site, it hosts a "mouse repository", which represents a large collection of mutant and transgenic mouse strains available on request from, or in agreement with, the EMMA network. The operational phenotyping analysis protocols endeavour to fulfil the recommendations set out by the EUMORPHIA program, and provided in the Ethical Code, in order to ensure appropriate animal ethics and welfare.

The Resource Center has been recognized since 2001, by way of an accreditation from Infrastructures in Biology, Health and Agronomy (IBiSA/exRIO), and since then has been an integral part of the TGIR department of the Life Science Ministry: CELPHEDIA.

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Resource Center director
Cécile FREMOND, IR2, CNRS, scientific director
3 B, Rue de la Férollerie
Tel. : (+33) (0)2 38 25 54 42
Mail Yann Herault


Quality Management :

We successfully expanding, end of 2011, the scope of certification ISO 9001 at the site of Villejuif for the activity of transgenesis. We also expanded the certification to Orleans site for Animal Technology activities and Research and Development activities. Now, almost all service activities are certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Quality Management :

Since December 22, 2009, the Resource Center has not only expanded its certification service activity to Health Control but has also managed its transition to the 2008 version of ISO 9001. Staff involvement and commitment of management have enabled the achievement of objectives.
Further information on the Quality Management ...

EMMA resource paper

PubMed EMMA resource paper published in the NAR 2010 database issue.
• See the advanced access copy at Nucleic Acids Research.


emma The recently launched EMMAservice project (January 2009 - December 2012) supports eligible customers with free of charge 'Transnational Access' (TA) to a total of 330 access units from the available EMMA mouse mutant resource.
Read the whole documentation (PDF).

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